CanNACHI - Canada's Commercial and Home Inspector Association

CanNACHI - Canada's Commercial and Home Inspector Association
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The Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (CanNACHI) was established as a Canadian Association to promote, develop and apply national uniform standards of competency for home inspectors across Canada .CMHC supports national uniform standards of competency for home inspectors.

Home inspectors who meet the Associate and CMHI requirements of CanNACHI may now be able to qualify for a license in British Columbia.

Home inspectors who meet the CMHI requirements of CanNACHI may now be able to qualify for a license in Alberta .


\\\"Be sure your next home inspector is a CanNACHI inspector\\\"

The Home Inspection Industry   


With the home inspection industry always changing and the consumer’s level of knowledge increasing many home buyers are seeking out to hire the most trained and competent home inspectors available to inspect their homes.

      With some provinces already licensing home inspectors such as British Columbia and Alberta will furthermore help protect buyers’ interests by: 

  • Assessing home inspectors qualifications.
  • Receiving and responding to consumers’ complaints.
  • Monitoring compliance through inspections and enforcement, and imposing penalties of where appropriate.

To be a knowledgeable and professional home inspector you must be a fully trained generalist and able to understand how the building systems/components found in a home perform and wear out over time. These systems include items such as: structural components, exterior components, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, interior, insulation and ventilation. That’s why it’s so important to receive proper training/education and mentor-ship and ongoing support to strive with the highest level of competency in the Home Inspection Industry.




A home inspector performs a very valuable and important service. The Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (CanNACHI) and its professional home inspector members examine existing homes using the Industries Toughest and Stringent Standards as a measure to accurately report their condition to parties involved in the real estate transaction. Our professionally trained and certified home inspector members assist in maintaining the health of your home and home inspections will help to make home maintenance easier by catching small problems before they become issues. CanNACHI certified members conduct a thorough examination of your home to identify such things as structural defects, potential marijuana grow-op homes and or foundation problems that could impact the value or safety of a home or real estate property.

Our members provide detailed reports and home inspection assessments outlining the condition of your home or property. The home inspector does not evaluate the home on a cost or sale price basis; rather our members objectively evaluate the condition and structural integrity of the home or property. There are many types of home and property inspections offered by a home inspector, depending on your specific needs.

Our home inspector members provide
these and more home inspector services:

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
  • New Construction Home Inspections
  • Multi unit Home Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging


                       CanNACHI is the VOICE and CHOICE for all CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS.


                    The Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors strives to achieve excellence and strict professionalism within the Home Inspection industry. Our Association has stringent mandatory and ongoing educational training programs, with one of the toughest Industry Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics . CanNACHI Home Inspectors must meet strict membership requirements and are held to the highest Codes of Conduct in the home inspector industry.



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